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Wheel Molds

Cast aluminum wheel for automotive industry cast from low-pressure permanent mold.Anderson Global specializes in wheel mold tooling design, engineering, and production. We’re among the world’s leading suppliers of wheel molds with more wheel mold experience than any other tooling manufacturer in North America. We’re committed to developing continuous improvements in wheel mold processes and designs. We’re also working together in with our strategic alliance partner on automotive tooling and casting solutions to add value while bringing new efficiencies to aluminum wheel casting including material savings, weight reduction, metal reduction in the “T” section, and wheel flash reduction.

  • Face core of wheel mold of automotive aluminum wheel using low-pressure permanent mold process.Wheel Molds Process

    • Gravity Molds
    • Low-Pressure Molds
    • Squeeze Cast Dies
  • Industries Served:
    • Automotive, Truck, Racing, Military