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Lost Foam Tooling

Lost Foam ToolingLost foam tooling solutions from Anderson Global include lost foam prototyping through production tooling for advanced manufacturers of products and components for the automotive, truck, marine, construction, and other industries. Lost foam tooling provides solutions for aluminum, iron, and steel parts requiring complex coring and tight tolerances such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks intake manifolds, and marine outdrives. The lost foam casting process also allows design engineers to combine multiple parts into one casting. The process produces near net shaped castings with minimal machining requirements. Ultra high-speed 42,000 RPM machining centers finish cavities quickly.

Lost Foam Tooling Processes and Casting Specifications

  • Processes
    • Left in No Bake Mold
    • Removed from No Bake Mold
  • Alloys/Metals
    • Aluminum
    • Iron
    • Ductile Iron
    • Steel
  • Castings Range:
    • Ounces to 1,000 Pounds
  • Industries Served:
    • Automotive, Truck, Marine, Construction
  • Lost Foam Tooling Advantages

    • Simple Method for Casting Complex Products
    • Cast Complex Designs Unattainable with other Casting Techniques
    • Near Net Shape Castings
    • Minimal Machining
    • Dimensionally Accurate Castings
    • Excellent Surface Finish

About Lost Foam Casting

The lost foam casting process is a cavity-less casting method using an expanded polystyrene foam pattern imbedded in a traditional green sand mold. An expendable foam pattern left in the sand is decomposed as molten aluminum, iron, or steel is poured into the mold duplicating the pattern.