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Cylinder Block Precision Sand Molds

Truck cylinder block pattern for iron cylinder block cast for from sand mold casting process.Anderson Global specializes in cylinder block precision sand tooling for casting cylinder blocks, aluminum cylinder heads, and other highly engineered castings as well as iron castings in automated cells. We’re a global leader––designing, engineering, and building more cylinder block precision sand molds than any other manufacturer. We use solidification modeling to design cylinder block precision sand molds and we employ latest technology and automation to develop efficient gating systems and ensure dimensional tolerances are met to allow for robotic assembly of the mold packages. Anderson Global’s precision sand mold tooling solutions assure the highest aluminum to sand ratios and lowest scrap rates.

  • Truck cylinder block core package for a cast iron cylinder block cast from a precision sand mold with complex cold box coring features.Cylinder Block Mold Processes

    • No Bake Mold Casting
    • Blown Cores
    • Amine, SO2 & Inorganic
    • Gravity
    • Low-Pressure Sand
    • Metal Pump Rollover
  • Industries Served:
    • Automotive, Truck, Racing, Military, Marine, Heavy Equipment, Agricultural Equipment Aerospace