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Total Casting Solutions from the Anderson Global, ASK Chemical and Wolverine Bronze Alliance

Total casting solutions from Anderson Global, ASK Chemical and Wolverine Bronze combine the forward thinking and synergy of a world-class custom tooling manufacturer, the simulation and documentation expertise of a global leader, and the casting expertise of leading foundry. The collective expertise of this alliance marks something unique in the industry—turnkey, concept-to-production total casting solutions for complex and groundbreaking casting projects. It began as collaborative effort to drive a turnkey prototype development project for General Motors to develop critical castings to launch a major plant expansion. The alliance now brings total casting solutions to manufacturers of complex, high-performance products—solutions that are only achievable with the collective expertise of alliance members.

At Anderson Global, we’ve built a reputation for forward thinking in everything from experiential-based concepts and implementation for casting efficiency issue solutions to plant expansion, new facility development, and overall plant automation. In addition, we offer knowledge-based engineering for facilities, equipment, tooling and casting development, and engineering-based manufacturing for facilities equipment and tooling.

  • Add to this these impressive capabilities through our alliance members:
    • Core package designs help customers minimize sand use to enhance automation processes.
    • Using advanced software, we can design the most efficient new molds – and find efficiencies when we redesign worn molds.
    • Arena Flow® simulation software optimizes core processes.
    • We can create mold, pattern, and core box designs for prototype, development, and production as well as rapid prototype casting development with tooling using printed sand molds and cores.
    • We can create prototype cores and castings in sand using low-cost, quick-turnaround tooling and prototype cores and castings in permanent and semi-permanent mold.
    • We can provide leak testing, x-ray, and other testing of prototype and development castings as well as CMM inspection and statistical analysis.
    • Optimal core handling and core setting as well as mold and core box materials create excellence.
    • Optimal gating, solidification, and cooling using MAGMASOFT® and ProCAST® casting process simulation tools mean superior projects.
    • Our alliance means more for everyone, from provider to buyer to end-user.
    • Get more information and to see a video to lean more about the Anderson Global, ASK Casting, and Wolverine Bronze alliance.