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Strategic Alliances

Forward thinking. It what’s bringing world-class designers, engineers, foundry tooling and casting industry leaders together to provide innovative, total casting solutions to meet the new and complex manufacturing challenges of a global economy. At Anderson Global, we’ve assembled teams and formed strategic alliances with leaders at the forefront of their respective areas of tooling and casting specialization. Working collaboratively and sharing knowledge, skills, and resources, we’re developing superior tooling and casting solutions —total casting solutions that simply would not be feasible without our collective expertise. Through our strategic alliances, we’re delivering products and services unequalled in the casting industry—total casting solutions with superior engineering, global sourcing, and world-class quality.

  • The Anderson Group of Companies include:

    • Anderson Global, Muskegon, Michigan
    • Anderson Express, Muskegon, Michigan
    • KPMC (Kunshan Production Mold Co.) Kunshan, China—An Anderson Group wholly-owned Chinese corporation
    • VIMANA Engineering Ltd.