Die-Cast Tooling Sees Growth as Demand for Lightweight, High-Performance Components Increases

by Staff on Dec 19, 2020

Increased demand for lightweight, high-performance components in electronics, lighting, automotive, aircraft, telecommunications, medical equipment, and hydraulics has driven the growth of the global die-casting market. According to Businesswire, the market is expected to reach $94.1 billion by 2025.
The popularity of die-casting is due to the advantages it offers, including: 
  • Enabling high-speed production
  • Allowing production of  complex geometric shapes with precision
  • Eliminating the need for machining
  • Reducing material wastages
  • Simplifying the assembly line process as fastening elements can be cast into the mold
  • Offering a process for consistent quality
In addition to the process, die cast components themselves offer advantageous characteristics:
  • Dimensional accuracy and stability
  • Heat resistance with a higher mechanical strength than plastic injection moldings
  • Finish options -  smooth or textured metal finishing or electroplated with little or no surface preparation
  • Longer durability and lifespan

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