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Aluminum Casting Tooling

Foundry worker pouring molten aluminum into mold.At Anderson Global, we specialize in tooling solutions for aluminum castings. We design and engineer tooling for various aluminum casting processes that ensure near net shape aluminum castings with dimensional accuracy, close tolerances, and smooth surfaces that eliminate or minimize post casting machining. We’re experts in prototype, production-intent development, and production tooling. While your different castings require different aluminum alloys, all your projects require quality and excellence. Our innovative tooling solutions ensure quality castings for foundries and advanced manufacturers of aluminum castings with complex geometry and high performance demands. That’s why advanced manufacturers worldwide trust Anderson Global for their aluminum casting tooling solutions.

  • Aluminum Casting Alloys

    • Aluminum 355-T6
    • Aluminum 356-T6
    • Aluminum 367-T6
    • Aluminum 319-F