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Three Benefits of Prototype Tooling

by Staff on Feb 19, 2021

Production tooling is an investment. It is intended to have a long lifespan, potentially producing thousands of parts. Before you invest in production tooling, especially for high-pressure die-cast parts, it is a good idea to consider prototype tooling.Read more…

Electric Car

Electrical vehicles (EV) have seen considerable growth in the past decade. To increase battery life, manufacturers are lightweighting them using HPDC parts. HPDC can have high upfront costs, but there is an alternative. 

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Increased demand for lightweight, high-performance components in electronics, lighting, automotive, aircraft, telecommunications, medical equipment, and hydraulics has driven the growth of the global die-casting market. Learn about the advantages of die casting. 
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pouring metal

If the pandemic has caused you to use molds longer than you normally might, you may be experiencing wear and increased scrap rates. We can help. 


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Rapid Tooling Gets You To Market Faster

by Staff on Sep 30, 2020

Accelerate the custom product development process and enjoy many benefits with Rapid Tooling.

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Redefining Core Making

by Frank Marciniak on Dec 5, 2017

Industry experts teamed up to create an educational, hands-on workshop to tackle core blowing simulation, eliminate risk and speed to production.

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