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Tooling Technologies / Tooling Facilities

Precision tooling technologies include CNC EDM machines similar this image used in developing tooling from prottypes to production tooling.Anderson Global operates tooling manufacturing facilities in North America with allied global facilities in China. We are a leading global provider of foundry and manufacturer tooling and the largest tooling producer in North America. We are the most automated, most globally supplied, most technologically advanced design, engineering, and tooling manufacturer following lean manufacturing processes and ISO certified practices.

  • Our equipment includes:

    • 10 Roders Ultra High-Speed/Hard Metal Cutting Machines with 40,000 RPM for Contoured Shape Creation, the World’s Largest Grouping
    • 2 CNC EDM Machines with Robotics
    • 3 CNC Turning Centers
    • 3 Promac Large Capacity 5-Axis Machining Centers
    • 6 Horizontal 4 Axis CNC Machining Centers
    • 11 Vertical Machining Centers
    • Automatic Metrology Systems
      • Probe
        • Metrolog
        • PCDMIS
      • Laser Scanner
        • Metrolog
        • PCDMIS