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Tooling Production System

 The Anderson Global Tooling Production System is a 360-degree, full circle approach to managing tooling projects from concept through production. It’s a collaborative approach that aligns estimating, tooling design, engineering, prototyping, testing, and production into a unified seamless process ensuring innovative tooling solutions and quality castings. Image of a permanent mold for casting automotive intake manifold using the tilt pour casting process.With detailed capacity planning and work center loading, our 360-degree tooling production system ensures the efficient utilization and flow manpower, technology, tools, materials, and resources. Continuous project progress reporting ensures tight and timely communication. With estimating, design, engineering, production, and project management professionals all on the same page, working from the same plan towards the same goals, we deliver exactly what we promise—forward thinking and innovative tooling and foundry casting solutions delivered on-time and in-budget.