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About Anderson Global

Anderson Global tooling design and engineer meet and work collaboratively developing complex tooling solutions for casting high performance products.Anderson Global began as Anderson Pattern 75 years ago developing complex tooling for high volume casting for foundries and manufacturers. Today, we are global tooling manufacturer providing tooling design, engineering, and production services. We combine an extraordinary continuity of tooling experience with cutting-edge technology, automation, and innovation with a global approach to business.

We are a leader in tooling solutions serving numerous markets, including automotive, trucking, heavy equipment, racing, military, agricultural, marine, appliance, hardware/plumbing, aerospace and beverage equipment. With experience developing tooling solutions for diverse markets, we offer tooling expertise in many foundry applications, including precision sand, permanent molds, DISA/SINTO patterns, green sand, die casting, forging dies and more.

Large tooling quantities, short lead times, complex geometry, high engineering content and the resources to provide simultaneous development, is why world-class foundries and global manufacturers choose Anderson Global.

The Highest Quality

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

It is the goal of Anderson Global, Inc. to provide our customers with the highest quality products available, delivered on-time, continually striving to improve. We believe that there is value to our customers as well as ourselves in working toward this goal. This will be accomplished through providing durable, reliable tooling with an emphasis on maintainability.