How Innovative Tooling Takes Shape

It’s forward thinking that shapes Anderson Global as a leader in precision tooling design, engineering, and prototype to production tooling and casting solutions. It’s a difference you see in the innovative tooling and casting we bring to foundries and advanced manufacturers of products with complex geometry and high performance demands. We know it’s one thing to talk tooling innovation. But it’s quite another to see it proven through the innovative thinking that goes into tooling solutions designed and engineered to optimize tooling and casting performance.

As a knowledge-based firm, we attract bright, forward thinking tooling experts with the ability to discern complex tooling and casting challenges and the foresight to anticipate potential tooling and production obstacles and solve them before they become problems. We invest in the latest technologies and processes that equip them with the resources they need to inspire innovation and develop tooling solutions.

We believe the best tooling must meet or exceed project-specific physical demands and personality without over-building or over-engineering. It includes exactly the features required for project success — and no more. The best tooling is designed for minimal maintenance cost. It’s there when you need it and comes with support the day it’s sampled. The best tooling meets the performance demands of robust processes and rapid cycle times — producing superior castings while minimizing scrap.

At Anderson Global, we bring unparalleled tooling expertise to everything from part design to process automation and from project concept to execution with the forward thinking that sparks and shapes truly innovative, world-class tooling.